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Stuart has worked with many brokers and financial services companies all around the world helping them grow their client base and increase revenues through intensive and structured education programs, market analysis and media work.

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What I Do

As a private equities and FX trader, best selling author, trainer, and coach, I have worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years helping companies all around the world.


I have written detailed market commentary of equities, foreign exchange, indices and commodities for several leading brokerages around the world. I offer detailed technical analysis providing a real trader’s perspective on price action, trends and key levels in order to assist clients make more informed decisions.


I have spoken at trading and investment expos all around the world, from VIP clients in small groups of under 10 people over dinner to large gathering of over 500 people. I have spoken live in front of tens of thousands of fellow traders from Mumbai to New York, Melbourne to Beijing, Tokyo to London, and many places in between.

Staff and Client Training

I have conducted extensive training to brokerage staff and clients alike. The staff training is to enable them to provide a better client experience and better understand the frustrations their clients face, while the client training provides them the tools and information to develop a trading plan they can implement with confidence.

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My e-Books & Courses

Stuart has written several books and ebooks helping traders to develop a trading plan that they will implement with confidence.


“The session was absolutely brilliant, and well beyond my expectations. You are a superb communicator and teacher, and I could not have been more impressed. I am a notoriously difficult person to impress, hence this praise is not simply hyperbole or being polite.”

GH, Melbourne

Stuart's Story

For the last 20 years, Stuart has been regularly invited to speak to traders all around the world and has travelled extensively. He is one of Australia’s most compelling speakers on trading and since 2000, he has spoken live in front of tens of thousands of fellow traders from Mumbai to New York, Tokyo to London, Melbourne to Beijing, and many places in between.

He has helped countless traders improve their performance with his expertise in technical analysis, trading psychology, risk management, the trading process and developing a trading plan.

Let Me Help You Grow Your Revenue