Talking ASX Live on Sky Business

Today I was interviewed by Carson Scott on Trading Day, Sky Business channel on the Australian market, the ASX200, gold, oil and the Australian dollar.  Specifically I was asked about the significance of the current 600 level with the ASX200.

I talked about the level becoming more significant as time goes on and for as long as it remains a resistance level.  The more it is spoken about, like Carson and I did today on live TV, the more it may influence the decision making process of people.  This may result in diminished demand and a lack of confidence in buying stocks until the 6000 level is cleared.

This is why so many levels becoming self-fulfilling prophecies.  It will happen because it is happening.  I also mentioned how many markets are in ‘wait and see’ mode, especially the ASX200, gold remaining quite steady around $1200 and the AUD/USD remaining within its range between 0.76 and 0.7850.